In collaboration with the house of ecotourism of Palmarin, we entrust our excursions to the village associations with the aim that the population benefits partly from the resources brought by the visitors.

  1. Swimming pool

    A small pool welcomes children and adults.

    Access to the public beach is direct. Swimming in the sea without danger!

    Piscine Piscine 2
  2. Library

    Books and comics are available.

    Free WIFI

  3. Visit of villages and Eco museum

    A guide, Tom the Gentleman Rasta of Marseille from Nguethie or an official guide, accompanies you to visit the villages of Palmarin, Ngallou, Ngounoumane and that of the eco museum of Ousmane who gathered the objects that the elders have him entrusted.

  4. Visit to the Palmarin Nature Reserve

    Guide, cart or carriage pick you up at the Djidjack. During the day or at dusk, you will discover a territory that is home to an unusual biodiversity, with mangroves, palm trees, coconut palms, baobabs, rôniers ..., and an equally interesting fauna with an incredible number of species of birds and spotted hyenas that will be seen... or not, according to their pleasure!

    For 4 people, the excursion amounts to 13,500.- CFA with, in addition, visiting permits to 2,000.- CFA per person.

  5. Pirogue

    With Pap or with guides you will discover the islands, the mangrove and birds.

    Prices, depending on the duration of the excursion, range from 27,500 CFA to 65,000 CFA for 1 or 4 people.

  6. Horse riding

    It's our neighbor, Mamadou, who accompanies you with his horses.

    Hourly Price: 6,000.- CFA

  7. Djifer fishing port

  8. Historical visit: Mbissel, Joal-Fadhiout

    The village of Mbissel and the small town of Fadhiout. The village is the first capital of the kings of Sine. There is, besides a rare autonomy of the inhabitants, the sacred tree of Maïssa Wali and the ritual of the pestles. Fadhiout is famous for its organization and its cemetery that welcomes Muslims and Christians! Note an exceptional visit, with the bolongs of Mbissel which contains a treasure: the best oysters of the region cultivated by women!

  9. Nguénienne Market

    The regional and weekly market. It's on Wednesday!

  10. Mass in Marlodj or in the village of Ngounoumane.

  11. Amateur fishing

    We coordinate your fishing trips with the best fishermen of Djifer!

    Price: 50.000.- CFA half-day, baits included.

  12. Bivouac in the islands

    2 nights and 3 days in Sine Saloum, go on an adventure with Pap's team.

    Price upon request.