In Senegal in Sine-Saloum, Djidjack offers you a space Nature and Discoveries in a park of three hectares on the edge of the ocean and on the edge of the nature reserve of Palmarin.

You can choose between three types of accommodation, small or family bungalows, Mauritanian tent or camping.

Bungalows hidden by hundreds of trees await nature lovers as a couple or family under the protection of the Sacred Tree,

The Mauritanian Tent, between pool and sea, most often host groups of young people. The shady campsite is home to 4x4s or tents of adventurers visiting the Senegal.

Le Camping ombragé abrite les 4x4 ou les tentes des aventuriers du Sénégal.

For stays of holidays or during a passage, the visitors of Djidjack are welcome in the house with impluvium or on the terraces of a Baobab.

At the bar“Santé” they will be able to enjoy cocktails and at the restaurant they will have the choice between an European or traditional family kitchen or a light and varied cuisine. Around the dinner table, the exchanges are going well, on the culture Serer, the sacred tree and the Pangol, the sustainable development, the villages and the fair tourism, the natural reserve and all the possible discoveries, the birds, hyenas, francolins ...

Excursions are all done in collaboration with the inhabitants of the villages, whether with an exceptional guide who has become a business manager like Pap Ndiaye with his canoes, or the association of eco guides whose members make you discover the wells of salt and the ancestral culture of the inhabitants of the islands ... It is the Djidjack way of working with the populations in a sustainable and equitable collaboration.

It is also possible to simply rest and enjoy the pool, the beach at the edge of the ocean, flowers, fruit trees or terraces perched in the baobab, the library with a broad choice of comics ...