Meals will be served at the impluvium, at the table d'hôte or at your individual table, or on the terraces of Baobab.

Our Chef Norbert and his second, Jean-Marie, prepare you a family cooking, European or traditional from the best local products. Fresh fish, barracudas, red carp, burbot, sole, hoghfish ... garnish the plates. Seashells are not forgotten, with priority to the oysters of Mbissel which are served at the celebration meals.

For meat lovers, the zebu filet and the skirt steak, prepared by Norbert, will satisfy them.

And those who prefer to eat light or eat vegetarian will also appreciate the care that the chef cooks take to differentiate their dishes.

The royal breakfast in the Baobab, surrounded by birds watching for crumbs of bread, is famous for homemade jams, pancakes and French toast!