Djidjack has resolutely turned to ecotourism and sustainable development.

Djidjack has resolutely turned to ecotourism and sustainable development.

There was no electricity, no public water, no phone and no internet. But an exceptional landscape of purity and a raw nature that was respected, whose strength was palpable.

The “ecolo” side of the time ended up in the Djidjack in the plantation of more than 1’000. trees with the most different species possible!

And then, we shared many development projects, more or less distant links with tourism.

These include:

  1. A container of material for the dispensary of Palmarin
  2. The school of Palmarin Djakanor and its WC
  3. Sanitation of the villages of Palmarin Ngounoumane and Nguethie
  4. The creation of the Local Ecotourism Management Committee with the Ecotourism House
  5. Participation in the Palmarin Reserve Management Committee.

It must be admitted that few of these projects remain! They often clashed with special interests that prevailed over the public interest.

Currently, the Djidjack lives its ecotourism through a few words, not chronological:

Respect and knowledge of traditions, good salaries, trees and sacred trees, waste management, support for special schools, use the services offered by the people in a fair exchange, payment of taxes, bio-diversity ...

and through a threat: the rising waters of the ocean! Although we are more than 100 meters from the water line, with a direct exit to the beach, the concern for the medium term future is a reality.

The electricity has arrived, the water, the Post also and since 2017, the asphalt road is now complete and goes to Djiffer.

A new development boom is to be expected. Will it be organized taking into account the nature aspect? The existence of the Palmarin reserve is an asset for everyone.